Friday, 29 January 2010

Texan Vodka

Two vodkas from Texas. I tasted them blind so I wouldn't be biased against Dripping Springs for its uninspiring labelling policy.

Tito's: This vodka has balls. It's got a heavy kind of mouthfeel - tasting almost raw, if that makes sense. Like grass, or rice. You wouldn't describe it as smooth - it tingles - but smooth is often overrated and this drink has character. The label says it's micro-distilled in an old-fashioned pot still, "just like fine single malt scotches and high-end French cognacs". Steady on.

Dripping Springs: Now, forget what I just said about smooth being overrated - this vodka is smooth in a deliciously warming way. A little sweetness, like honey: I'm looking forward to making a vodka martini with this one. By the way, it's "handcrafted in a copper still from Hill Country artesian spring water", obviously.

It's interesting how often you hear people say vodka "doesn't taste of anything". Sure, it's a more subtle spirit than others, like whisky or tequila, which is why it mixes well with pretty much anything. But Tito's and Dripping Spring (both 40% abv) certainly taste of plenty to me.

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