Tuesday, 10 September 2013


It's been a while since I put down my glass of sherry-aged whisky to sample some of the delights of the Spanish wine itself.
At Bar Pepito in Kings Cross I allowed myself a glass of Oloroso Seco, the drier variant known for its "walnutty character" (it says here).
The brand was Alfonso, Gonzalez Byass, at £5.50 for 100ml. It was coloured deep amber brown, proffered aromas of nuts and caramel, and tasted... really fucking lovely. Poured chilled, the glass (white wine style) delivered flavours of fresh honey (?) and raisins. It was dry but rich, elegantly silky, with a nice booze thrust and an impressive finish.
Second up: a Palo Cortado, Leonor, another Gonzalez Byass, £4.50 for 75ml. Average of 12 years old: nasally, salted almonds and oak, palatably, perfectly balanced between sweet and savoury. I'm trying to avoid writing "salted caramel" but may have just failed.