Sunday, 31 January 2010

Dam Tasty Beaver Beer

The Florence
131-133 Dulwich Road
London SE24 0NG

Any microbrewery deserves the utmost respect at all times and for all time, but The Florence, in Herne Hill, demands special attention for its Dam Tasty Beaver Beer, the finest London-made ale I've tasted thus far in the Twenty-Tens.

Beaver is served cold, but not icy, and is cloudy in appearance. The aromas are floral and citrus, which ain't surprising given it's made with bitter orange, along with American hops and wheat.

It's described accurately as "fresh, slightly spicy and a little satsumery", not unlike my favourite Yank beer, the Blue Moon. For all those sceptical about wheat, fear not, the Beaver is no bitter Hoegaarden. Indeed, it's a joy - smooth and refreshing, despite carrying 4.8% abv, and not bland either. Even my lager-obsessed companion B was convinced, admitting (in a complimentary way) he'd never tasted beer like it, and at £3.20 a pint we felt unable to deny ourselves a second.
The only mystery is why The Florence, which apparently produces three beers on site and rotates them intermittently, doesn't make more of its wonderful wares (there's barely a mention on its website).

If you live in London, and even if you don't, go check out some Beaver. You won't regret it.

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