Friday, 8 January 2010

Fredericksburg Brewing Company

Fredericksburg Brewing Company
245 East Main Street

Texas 78624

I like the idea of a microbrewery with a beer hall attached. So
Fredericksburg Brewing Company was right up my alley. Surprisingly the guy behind the bar, who admittedly looked like a student, was a bit sniffy about letting us taste before we bought. But he succumbed to my British "charm" and I tried and buyed a pint of Peacepipe Pale. This was slightly carbonated, with a bitter finish. As with most American beers, it was served very chilled, presumably because it's normally insufferably hot outside. But I'm not sure - I think drinking ale ice cold deadens the flavours somewhat. Nevertheless, a reasonable drop. M ordered - and I drank most of - a pint of Honey Cream. This was a little thin. A mild taste of butter, with a slightly hoppy finish: an ale for people who aren't convinced about ale. At $9 for a brace of beers, this wasn't cheap by Texan standards, but if we hadn't been keen to check out some wine elsewhere we may have stayed to try a couple more.

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