Thursday, 21 January 2010

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

I can't decide whether or not I really like rum. My top rum experience was probably a warming Rum Blazer from The Star at Night a couple of years ago. Other than that, I occasionally turn to my bottle of Havana Club for a Cuba Libre, and that's about it. Then recently I came across an interesting list of recommended rums for the beginner looking to start a collection. In the spiced rum section it suggested Sailor Jerry, and by coincidence the very next night I found myself in a pub with a bottle behind the bar, and ordered a shot. Note the ridiculous glassware (above) - I really don't understand why it's beyond most English pubs to cater for spirits fans.

Sadly, while the vanilla on the nose was appreciated, this was mainly sickly-sweet and flavourless, save for a strangely chemical spice. Perhaps it might work with cola, but sipping this stuff neat was not fun, and yet again I was left wondering why anyone would choose rum over a decent Scotch. Of course, it's unfair to compare a spirit recommended as a base for rum punch with a proper single malt. For a fair fight the rum would have to be an appropriately aged one, and the relevant section of the same beginner's guide suggests the Appleton Estate 12-year old. To be continued...

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  1. The Appleton VX is awesome in a mojito. In that context easily stands up to a blended whisky. But I will have to join you in hunting down the 12 year-old to see if it can stand up to a malt.