Saturday, 23 January 2010

Tequila Old Fashioned

I found an interesting recipe advocating a simple tweak to the traditional Old Fashioned, replacing the bourbon with tequila. Perhaps it should be called the New Fangled.

Tequila Old Fashioned

60ml (2oz) reposado tequila
Three dashes Angostura bitters*
Two dashes agave syrup
Lime peel

*Grapefruit or lemon bitters have been suggested as a substitute.

Place syrup and bitters in an Old Fashioned (tumbler) glass along with an ice cube and mix well. Steadily add the tequila and further ice cubes, one at a time, stirring all the while. Garnish with twist of lime peel.

It works! Even as a firm fan of tequila I must admit I sometimes tire of sipping the stuff neat. This is a great way of diluting it a little to reduce the burn while protecting its essence and flavours - qualities that are sometimes lost in Tequila Sunrises or even Margaritas.

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  1. I am a serious fan of the old fashioned cocktail, and bourbon in general. I was a little skeptical approaching this recipe. How could the tequila possibly live up to the magic of bourbon, bitters and an orange twist? I was pleasantly surprised that tequila, bitters an lime is every bit as magic, if not even more so. This is my new favourite cocktail.