Monday, 4 January 2010

Coffee (Unlimited)

"Coffee?" I hear you ask, full of doubt. "Since when has a bog-standard cup of ground beans and hot water represented a bloggably Good Drink?" When it costs $2 (£1.20), including unlimited refills from a friendly waiter, and tastes amazing. This one (or three) came from Kerbey Lane Cafe, in Austin, but it might have come from any number of places in the States. I've only ever seen the bottomless coffee cup in London once or twice (including in Borders bookshop, weirdly) and I say it's time Britons started demanding it more often. Right is surely on our side. Until that time a never-ending supply of reasonably priced quality coffee is secured across the capital, perhaps we should strive to support those establishments already doing it the American way.

HELP! Know any places in London offering free coffee refills? Please let me know in the comments!


  1. But are those nasty UHT milk sachets in the corner of the photo? In my book a coffee is only good if it comes with a nice little jug of warm fresh milk. And, preferably, a scone too.

  2. They were miniature pots of "half and half", which I understand to be equal parts milk and cream. Pretty tasty, as it goes. As long as it's not all cream, which I've accidentally ended up with in the States before. As for your scone, I would never knowingly turn one down.