Friday, 1 January 2010

Matcha Green Tea Blast

Jamba Juice
600 Congress Ave. #G280

The scary-looking green stuff in the polystyrene cup, obtained from US fruit smoothie merchant 
Jamba Juice, was an excruciatingly cold but tasty beverage, made by blending matcha (powdered green tea), soya milk, plain sorbet, non-fat vanilla frozen yoghurt and ice. I got a 16oz serving, the "small" size (costing $4.25 - around 2.60 sterling), but in true American style they were also offering a 32oz cup - that's two pints! Jamba likes to stress the alleged health benefits of the green tea, which also provides a 75mg caffeine lift in each serving, but the Matcha Green Tea Blast tasted more indulgent than worthy. The guy making mine suggested adding banana at home, and I would also have left out the sorbet, which probably made it sweeter than I needed. For me, this drink was badly timed (brainfreeze in December is not necessarily pleasant, even in Texas) but it was good value, and further welcome evidence that the future will be made of frozen yoghurt.


  1. hey - i didn't know you had a beverage blog! found this through a link on marina's website. i like your take on silly american beverages (and sizes).

  2. Thanks Karen - I discovered a whole new world of silliness over there - all of it good. Your comments will always be welcome on this blog, not least because they suggest someone may be reading it.