Thursday, 9 September 2010


Back in the United States (where else?) I was introduced to one of the strangest drinks I've had in a while (since this one, possibly). The Slurpee, which is only available from 7-Eleven stores, sounds and looks fairly revolting, but for some reason it's just the thing on a scorching afternoon. It consists, as far as I can make out, of sugary-syrup flavouring, crushed ice and carbon dioxide. The fizziness is what makes it different, and good - they're incredibly refreshing once the temperature tips into the 30s. I went for a pina colada (non-alcoholic, clearly) with a splash of root beer (yes, mixing is acceptable). It was still a little too sweet for me, but I like what they were trying to do here.

1 comment:

  1. you gotta get the cherry - it's the classic. although i'm not sure if you're really going to try this again. what do you think about the big gulp sizes - crazy, right?