Thursday, 2 September 2010


While we're on the subject of summer whiskies, I thought I'd add my own personal recommendation for an August (er, early September) malt. In recent months, since getting into whisky slightly more seriously than before, I've returned to some of my former go-to drams and been subsequently underwhelmed (the perennial downside of acquiring a taste for finer things). One such whisky that remains a favourite, however, is Glenmorangie (the "morange" should rhyme with "orange", apparently).

The basic 10-year-old, "original" expression describes itself as "elegant and floral", which it is; a prime candidate for a summer malt. It goes on with "flavours of honeyed sweetness fused with notes of citrus, vanilla and almonds, making it delicate, alluring and very complex". I'm not sure about "complex" (what's wrong with simple goodness anyway?) but the rest is enough. I will caution: I haven't tried drinking this Highland malt alongside some of my recently acquired, spendier whiskies - but I don't plan to. Sip it by itself, as the sun goes down, and think of Scotland.

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