Sunday, 5 September 2010

Mongozo Coconut Beer

I know what you're thinking. But this is actually a tasty little drop. Mongozo is a line of "exotic" beers produced by Belgian brewery Huyghe on behalf of some Dutch company. This coconut bottle (3.6% abv) was picked up from a shop at the Eden Project in Cornwall, which gives a flavour of the brand's
ethos - Fairtrade all the way.

The beer's appearance, once poured into a glass, is whiteish-yellow, slightly darker than coconut water, and almost milky. Immediately, the coconut aroma is evident, sweet and slightly woody. To taste, there is a small amount of carbonation, as the coconut flavour explodes in the mouth, followed by a nicely hoppy beer-bite. It reminded me of a Snowball cocktail (Advocaat and lemonade), but more refreshing and less sickly sweet (although still sweet enough to ensure one's all you want).

Brewed with real coconut and Fairtrade organic quinua grain, the brew 
can be bought in the UK from websites like this one. Other flavours in the series are Quinua, Palmnut, Mango and Banana, all of which are said to make an fine accompaniment to "exotic dishes", whatever they might be.

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