Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Hard Shake

The Diner
21 Essex Road
N1 2SA

Do milkshakes and alcohol mix? A good place to start such an inquiry is The Diner, with its interesting selection of "hard shakes". M and I decided to share a Colonel Parker (35ml of Four Roses Bourbon, vanilla ice cream and peanut butter) and top it up with an extra shot of bourbon. It tasted stronger than I'd expected, with the booze almost overpowering everything else, including my burger (message to self: stop messing with the ratios and just drink what you're given). But as M pointed out, it's better to treat these things as liquor with added shake, rather than the other way round. J sampled the Strawberry Cheesecake (with Cognac, Galliano, and strawberry ice cream), which tasted way too sweet for my liking. So, do milkshakes and alcohol mix? Not sure, I may have to do some more research.

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