Sunday, 27 December 2009

Dark and Stormy (Spiced)

The Dark and Stormy doesn't strike me as particularly stormy. But this drinkable mixture of rum and ginger beer is so easy to make I'm willing to forgive its lying claims.

Rebelliously (for this drink demands dark rum) we procured a bottle of Morgan's Spiced, which is rather more golden in hue, and which added vanilla and cinnamon flavours to the mix. Not sure about this rum - if it's a boozy vanilla drink you're after I'd go for Tuaca every time. But Morgan's is cheap and, unlike Tuaca, robust enough to stand up to some fairly spicy ginger beer. My favourite ginger thus far is Old Jamaica, which has a real kick to it, and when I'm not corrupting it with booze it's my soft drink of choice too. Some Dark and Stormy recipes say add a bunch of lime juice, but after giving that a go I decided the citrus was surplus to our needs. Instead I impaled a wedge of lime on the rim of each glass so imbibers could squeeze their own to taste.

Captain's orders as follows:

60ml (2oz)  Morgan's Spiced rum
90ml (3oz) Old Jamaica ginger beer
Lime wedge

Fill a highball glass with ice. Add the rum and ginger beer and give it a good stir. Serve with lime wedge garnish.

It was pretty refreshing, and if you like ginger beer you ought to like this. But I really need to try it again with a properly dark rum. Watch this blog-space.

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  1. My favourite variation on this so far - bearing in mind that any "dark rum and ginger beer" is a fine thing in my opinion - is Old Jamaica, Goslings Black Seal Bermuda Rum (£18/bottle), squeezed wedge of lime, and a near-imperceptible dash of Angostura bitters.