Saturday, 19 June 2010


Summer would be nothing without a glass of
Pimm's. The glass above, imbibed recently at an authentic Westcountry wedding, reminded me once again how integral this gin-based drink is to the English identity, along with colonialism, cricket, etc.


One part Pimm's

Three parts chilled lemonade
Mint, cucumber, orange and strawberry to garnish.

Fill a jug or glass with ice, add the ingredients and give a good stir.

The proportions here I took from the people at Pimm's, although I'm sure these things, like the fruit garnishings, can be applied flexibly, particularly at picnics. The Pimm's in question was their No.1 Cup (the main one, 25% abv), and the taste both spicy and almost tea-like, while retaining a remarkable ability to refresh. I must try out their Winter Cup too, once the cold descends inevitably in a few weeks' time.


  1. Captain Ayer.

    Appreciate the Pimm's drink recipe. However, the most important part is missing. How do you make the Pimm's iteself? I have heard from different people that you can make a concoction analogous to Pimm's from a mixture of other spirits. Much cheaper and with the added thrill of subverting the Pimm's company monopoly on the drink itself.

    Please find out and let us know

    Toodle Pip

  2. I couldn't say. But if you can wait I'm sure I'll get round to blending my own Pimm's one of these days.