Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Ale Archive

Some beers I've enjoyed recently...

Penumbra Organic Stout (4.8% abv) (pictured above)
A West Yorkshire beer from health food specialist Suma, best known for chick peas. The colour is the blackest black, the aroma roasted malt, the mouthfeel surprisingly thin, with gentle carbonation and flavours of chocolate and coffee. Overall, a decent drop, and relatively quaffable for a stout. But if you were looking for something with a little Ka-pow! I'd need to refer you to Harviestoun's Old Engine Oil or the Dark Star Imperial Stout.

Rossendale Ale
A dark gold Pennine brew with a strangely smoky nose, a creamy head and an interesting mix of flavours - wheat, burnt/dry, with mild hops. Tasted a bit watery after a couple of pints, but good for one.

Betty Stoggs (4%) (below left)
An old Cornish favourite from Skinner's brewery in Truro. Tastes better than it sounds, this one.

Monkey Magic (3.4%) (above right)
From Stafford's Slater's brewery comes this strangely lovely pint that resembles sweetish iced coffee. Shaded dark red, with roasted malty flavours, and a thin/light consistency.

Organic Honeydew
From Fuller's brewery - and made with real organic honey. I'm a little annoyed I waited this long to try such a beguiling beer, but with the summer threatening to appear soon I'm planning to make up for lost Honeydews. It's lagerish, but more of a lager/ale hybrid - bubbles are present, certainly, but the carbonation is less than a lager's and the taste more complex. The honey aroma is massive, with the flavours providing light cereal and malt with a little sweetness. Someone said "honey roasted nuts". Not sure about that, but this is a nectar of distinction, no question.

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