Monday, 7 June 2010

Amsterdam Vespa

This drink was my favourite of a good bunch, created and handed out by Drinksfusion - a "food and drink design company" - at a freebie event at the Cobden Club organised by review site Qype.
I failed to find out exactly how it was made, with the right proportions, but managed to snap a photo of the drinks menu, at least, which is how I came by the following rough guide:

Amsterdam Vespa

Ketel One vodka
Roggenaer Genever aged rye spirit
Lilette aperitif 
A touch of absinthe

Shake ingredients with ice and serve straight up with a lemon twist.

Drinksfusion's care for its craft was evidenced by a conversation I had with one of its number, who enthusiastically and at some length extolled the relative merits of different varieties of lime. One of their specialties is clever pairings of booze and canapes, which is how I ended up holding a 'seared tuna bite' in one hand and a 'watermelon shot' in the other (read more about the food here). I'm told such expertise can be obtained for private parties, as well as the usual corporate gigs, for a certain fee.

I'm really intrigued by genever, otherwise known as Holland gin, having read about its use in many a cocktail from the olden days. From what I gather, it's sweeter and stronger than the 'new-style' dry gin on which us British types were raised. In the Vespa, it worked a treat, providing a more substantial mouthfeel, before the green fairy fluttered its wings at the finish. If anyone's still scared of absinthe, by the way, may I suggest they try it - like here - in 'touches'. I'm beginning to believe this spirit is more rewarding in a supporting role than as a lead.

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