Friday, 4 June 2010

New Tequila Drink

I've been playing around with tequila for some time now in the hopes of turning up a neat recipe for a long, refreshing agave cocktail. I've enjoyed a Tequila Sunrise or two, but ultimately prefer to drink my orange juice for breakfast, sans booze. Similarly, I liked the El Diablo's mix of tequila and ginger, but was less keen on the Creme de Cassis, which made things too sweet for my taste. In the end, the drink I settled on has much in common with the Diablo, only spicier and bitter-er, and generally more grown up.

New Tequila Drink

45ml (1.5oz) reposado tequila
15ml (0.5oz) lime
90ml (3oz) ginger beer
One dash Angostura bitters

Pour ingredients into a highball glass with ice and stir. Drop in a segment of lime.

The NTD, as I will never refer to it again, is a useful way to drink tequila when you're looking for something more demanding than a vodka tonic but a little less concentrated than a margarita. Hope it helps.

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