Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Great Divide Brewing Company

What is it about Denver and interesting beer? First it was Blue Moon
, with its deeply appealing Belgian White, and now, for those who aren't in the know already, I would like to introduce The Great Divide Brewing Company.

My first beer from TGDBC was its Denver Pale Ale (pictured right), which I got from top beer shed The Rake
 in London Bridge. The DPA (5.4%) is described on the label as "English style", which is one of the few instances I can recall of a foreign food or drinkstuff actively trying to imitate Englishness. Served cold, it had a slightly cheesy aroma, which may have informed its recommended pairing with robust pasta sauces "such as puttanesca". The taste was bitter.

Vaguely inspired, I picked up a bottle of the same brewer's Samurai unfiltered rice ale (pictured top). At 5.1%, this cloudy, slightly carbonated beer had a fruity aroma and tasted pleasantly clean, milky, and dryish. Like, er, rice? Loved this one, more than the DPA (lesson: resist trying to make things taste English).

I'm not qualified to say whether The Great Divide has succeeded in its aim to "capture Denver’s urban energy and Colorado’s awe-inspiring mountains", but they don't half make striking beer.

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