Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Bombay Sapphire Vs Gordon's

What could be more exciting than a blind gin tasting? If you know the answer, keep it to yourself, I'm just not interested. Having been dealt glasses with generous pours of Bombay Sapphire in one and Gordon's in the other, but not knowing which was which, I sipped and pondered for a good while before deciding on their relative merits. And here, without ado, are the results:

Bombay Sapphire - Warming, spicy-sweet, many flavours, explosive, long lingering finish.

Gordon's - Dull, one-note, juniper, smooth, dry.

I realised afterwards that the Bombay I had tasted was the imported duty free stuff (47% abv!), which may have given it an unfair advantage and left the 37.5% Gordon's tasting rather conservative by dint of its sheer weakness. But the rules were clear(ish) and there is only one reasonable conclusion to draw: Bombay is Great and Gordon's is Boring.

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  1. Why only two gins? There's such a broad range out there, from the weird and wonderful Hendrick's - is it a gin? does it matter? - through the tried and tested Beefeater and Plymouth, and onwards and upwards to the sublime Martin Miller's. All so much more different than dreary old vodka!

  2. Agreed, Jake - two gins is never enough. Happily I can tick off the ridiculously good Hendrick's and the reliably smooth Plymouth, and I'm eagerly awaiting a tasting of Martin Miller's next month. Watch all these spaces! As for Beefeater, don't know much about it, but I'll certainly add it to my "to-gin" list!