Sunday, 11 July 2010

Dalmore Mackenzie

The Dalmore Mackenzie was released earlier this year - just 3,000 bottles of the stuff - in part to raise funds to refurbish a castle owned by the distillery's former owners (the Mackenzies). With such important history involved it seemed apt to try this sample bottle, from the company's PR team, in Scotland. And so, in a room in the Holiday Inn next to Glasgow Airport, waiting for our flight to Islay, we cracked it open.


Colour: Reddish
Nose: Rich Xmas cake, marzipan, Fisherman's Friend, sweetness
Taste: Toffee, orange peel explosion, tangerine peel, with a second wave leaving pepper on the tongue. Dry finish.

The spirit was distilled in 1992, held in American oak casks for 11 years, then finished in fresh port pipes, before being bottled at 46%. The red tinge from the port is said to link the whisky to the blood of the injured stag, Dalmore's logo. And? We thought it a terrific whisky, and a perfect aperitif to a peaty weekend in Islay. But we wouldn't have paid the £100 asking price.

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