Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Coffee Frappé

Wells Deli
15 The Quay
Norfolk NR23 1AH

Ice, coffee, milk - blended. Coffee frappés are just the thing on a hot day. This one, £2.30 from Wells Deli, came with almond syrup (just a dash or two, mind - I prefer the flavour rather than the sweetness). Creamy and cold, and light, it was down quickly and woke me up gently. If only someone could invent a self-cleaning blender I'd have one for breakfast every day.

1 comment:

  1. Blend coffee, pour. While drinking blend some water with a soupcon of washing up liquid. Pour (down sink). Drink some more coffee. Blend some water. Pour (down sink). Finish coffee, wash glass/cup/frappelatte container, place on draining board with blender.

    Job done.

    I'm too lazy to get the blender out of the cupboard or I might have one every morning...