Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Burrow Hill Cider

Pass Vale Farm
Burrow Hill
Kingsbury Episcopi 
Somerset TA12 6BU

Burrow Farm Pressed Somerset Cider is the real deal, which is why it's sold in what look like petrol canisters, straight from the barrel. We picked up this blend of "at least" 11 varieties of vintage cider apples from the farm itself, on a trip to the Westcountry. As we were browsing in the farm shop two cars pulled up, separately, their owners walking in with multiple empties demanding refills "for the weekend".

As for the contents, this 6% cider (we went for the medium one) was slightly cloudy, as you'd expect from proper ciders, with a golden hue. The aroma was fresh apple and farmyard spice and it tasted of ripe apples, with the faintest spritz; dry, but balanced.
The farm, in a place called Kinsbury Episcopi
, is also responsible for producing an interesting range of cider brandies (on which more soon), as well as The Somerset Pomona, a delicious blend of cider brandy and apple juice. They is good apples.


  1. Old Macdonald14 July, 2010

    Is "farmyard spice" a euphemism?

  2. I'm not sure what I meant by farmyard spice, come to think of it. It certainly wasn't bad, as such, just pastoral, rustic, that sort of thing. Quite fancy a cider now...