Saturday, 27 February 2010

White Hot

*Guest post by Tim*

Crown Posada
31 The Side
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear

You might not realise it from reading drinks blogs but it is possible to have a great drinking experience north of Islington. Forget ginger green tea foam, ultra-rare tequila distilled by Peruvian dwarves, or an acid jazz soundtrack. Much of the time (most of the time?) a pleasant drink in a nice setting with decent company is more than sufficient.

So to the Crown Posada, in the centre of Newcastle. This is a pub of the old school, long and thin with wood panelling and comfy green leather seating. It offers a handful of hand-pulled ales including, pleasingly, several from the local area. Pick of the selection was White Hot, brewed in County Durham, with fantastic refreshing grapefruit flavours. And what’s better, there’s change from a fiver after buying a round for two. In Islington, how much maraschino liqueur and orange blossom oil would you get for £5?

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