Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Ciocchino Hot Chocolate

Chocolat Chocolat
21 St. Andrews Street
Cambridge CB2 3AX

This tiny paper cup of hot chocolate was intense. I identified it later as Ciocchino "Italian-style" drinking chocolate. Forget cocoa powder and water, this drink was made from real dark chocolate blended with a "light dairy whipping cream alternative" (whatever that is), and was quite something. Indeed, it appealed to me far more than the rest of the shop's chocolates, with their fussy sprinklings and syrupy centres. This liquid chocolate's viscous, creamy texture and warming bitter-sweetness delivered exactly what Ciocchino likes to promise: "pure chocolate pleasure in an espresso-style shot". It also inspired me to consider what else I might mix with melted chocolate. Certainly to be continued...

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