Saturday, 24 April 2010

Gin Fizz

I can think of no better way to introduce the Gin Fizz than with this heartfelt tribute from San Franciscan barman Ernest P. Rawling, circa 1914:
"At any time or in any place where the tongue and throat are dry; when the spirits are jaded and the body is weary; after a long automobile trip on hot and dusty roads; it is then that the Gin Fizz comes like a cooling breeze from the sea, bringing new life and the zest and joy of living."
(Quote taken from Imbibe by David Wondrich)
Having already experimented with a more fiddly variation of this refreshing American cocktail, the Ramos Gin Fizz (see here and here), I decided it was time to give the original a try.

Gin Fizz

60ml (2oz) gin

1.5 tsp simple syrup
Juice of half a lemon
Soda water

Add simple syrup, lemon juice and gin to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a glass and top with soda water.

If you're wondering why this cocktail is strained, and served without frozen water, it's because it was designed to be a quick refresher - a drink to be downed in shortish order rather than pondered over at length.

It's certainly refreshing, thanks to the soda water, which along with the sugar manages to balance the acidity of half a lemon without trouble. It's not overly sweet, though, providing more of a plain, savoury taste. I keep coming back to the word refreshing, as indeed I will keep coming back to the Gin Fizz.

MORE: The Gin Fizz may become a Whiskey Fizz, Brandy Fizz or Rum Fizz with a small but crucial tweak of ingredients.

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