Friday, 2 April 2010

Creme Egg

Easter is almost upon us, traditionally a time for eating chocolate eggs and contemplating Jesus. I like to think this cocktail, created by Snow Leopard vodka, renders both activities unnecessary.

Creme Egg

20ml (0.6oz) Snow Leopard vodka
50ml (1.6oz) Coole Swan cream liqueur
Three dashes of Advocaat
Dark chocolate to coat inside of glass

First, melt some dark chocolate and use it to coat the inside of a small (3oz) martini glass, or similar, before placing it in the freezer. Add vodka and cream liqueur to a mixing glass with ice. Shake well, strain into the chocolate-coated serving glass and drizzle Advocaat over the surface of the drink.

The 'original' recipe had us using 50ml of vodka and 20ml of cream liqueur, which I thought tasted a little awkwardly of overly-alcoholic creamy vodka. Reversing the proportions, as above, delivered an fabulous homage to a real Cadbury Creme Egg (note to Kraft: the resemblance was purely intentional). The taste was smooth and clean, but with a kick, and the Advocaat gathering at the bottom of the drink played the part of the 'yolk' very well indeed. As for the chocolate-coated glass, it looked smart, and provided perhaps a hint of chocolate taste, but not so much. I shan't be repeating that particular gimmick without good reason.

This was my first experience of Snow Leopard vodka (whose PR firm kindly gifted me a miniature bottle). Sneaking a little taste of this spelt-based Polish spirit (40% vol), before mixing up the Creme Egg, I found it rich (for a vodka, at least) and smooth, with a longish, peppery finish: definitely not ordinary. It was also my first go at Coole Swan (16% vol), a creamy-white liqueur comprising Irish whiskey, vanilla, cocoa and double cream, which on its own tasted a little like Baileys, but more delicate. Taken together, as the Creme Egg, these potions might not bring you back from the dead (for that, try a Corpse Reviver), but they'll certainly help you have a good Friday.

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